Farshal Hambali

Manager Indonesia for Virgin Australia International Airlines

18 years of airline experience including consulting role for airlines and aviation related projects. I started my airline role as airport customer service and then move onto commercial side of the business looking after sales, marketing, network, schedules, distribution, in-flight services, cargo and travel center. I have extensive network within Asia Pacific area both Industries and Government contacts mainly aviation authorities.

I am good with airline start ups and working with airlines and/or aviation investors. I have involved in setting up two airlines from producing business plan in order to secure business license and heavily involved in AOC application therefore I am very familiar with requirements.

With consulting role I have open new routes for many airlines both local and foreign. I have produce business plan and rationale for several airport projects, airport lounges, travel and wholesale. We assist airlines in obtaining flight approval, security clearance and landing permits. We promote several charter flights some then continue as schedule flights.

I have particular passion on network and distribution of an airline. I am familiar with various airline PSS’s both for network and low cost airlines. I am familiar with many GDS’s and its contractual agreement and also IATA BSP works. With network I am familiar with most, if not all, commercial aircraft costs, capability, dispatch reliability etc the overall economic of the plane. I am fully aware of CASR requirement, crew regulations and limitations, dispatch, maintenance and logistic requirements. I have extensive know how on airport slots and spots, ground handling costs and overall airport and navigation costs structure. In addition to above capacity statement I would like to add my extensive know how on aircraft leasing agreement, reserves and insurance structure.

As a manager, my primary role is to take steps to further the Virgin Australia Group’s interests in Indonesia with Government and Industry stakeholders including responsibility for developing effective relationships, representational activity, identifying potential market opportunities, overseeing marketing, sales, distribution and contributing to ensuring that the Indonesian Group’s operations are compliant and cost-effective.

I am waiting for the next big thing in aviation…….